Making connections

One of the ongoing tasks of the faithful Christian life is the work of making connections between our faith – and the things our faith claims to be true and right and good – and our lives as we live them in diverse social contexts.  This week I have been reading Benny Tabalujan’s book, God on Monday: Reflections on Christians @ Work, which explores the relationship between our daily work (whether in formal employment or other contexts) and our walk of faith.

Benny is not a theologian or minister of religion; he is a lawyer who has spent decades reflecting on how to make the connections between his work and his Christian faith.  As such, his claim that “spirituality and spreadsheets can mix” is one made on good authority.

I found his book and its reflections on personal identity, integrity and intentionality in our working lives helpful, as I think through the issues that many of us face in our working lives.

These are matters which are relevant to all of us; I wonder what might help you to explore and deepen the connections between your faith and your to-do list?


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