40 slaves?!

So, Advent is a penitential season.  And in that spirit, this evening I used this nifty gizmo to attempt to estimate how my consumption habits contribute to global patterns of human trafficking.

I wasn’t expecting to have entirely clean hands.  But I was shocked that the estimate I received was that probably forty human beings contributed their slave labour to my comfortable life.

Forty human beings.  Forty of my brothers and sisters.

That’s appalling.

At the end of the survey, you get information about companies which seek to make sure that their supply chains are free of slavery, and a detailed breakdown of areas of consumption which might bear examining.  I intend to study that information closely.

What about you?  What number do you get?  And are you with me in doing anything about it?

Edited to add:  In a timely coincidence, I just received a link to this compilation of worship resources which respond to human trafficking.  Perhaps they might be useful, in this penitential season?


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