Subconscious messages

I’ve spent part of my afternoon writing Christmas cards with a particular purpose.  Having recently started in a new parish, I thought I would make a point of sending a Christmas card to the people on the parish list whom I had not yet met.  That, I thought, would be a gentle way of making contact and inviting them to return to the parish or get in touch with me, without being pushy.

What struck me, though, as I was writing them was my choice of card.  I had picked out a box of cards with the image of Sandro Botticelli’s The Virgin Teaching the Infant Jesus to Read on the front (see the image below).  And it occurred to me this afternoon that I had chosen a card which in some ways reflected something of who I am; a mother with a young child, but beyond the first stage of infancy and who is, indeed, learning to read.  (And is it just me, or does Mary look tired in that picture…?)

How interesting that in choosing a card to introduce myself, I had subconsciously chosen a card with an image with which I could identify personally!  The mind is subtle and mysterious in its workings.

I wonder what your Christmas cards might say about you?

Christmas card


2 comments on “Subconscious messages

  1. I am particularly partial to Renaissance Madonna and Child art. I love your card and agree it is so appropriate for you, as the mum of a toddler (like the subject of this painting) to send this greeting this Christmas season.

  2. Linda says:

    What a beautiful, tender image. Our family card is a collage of my family. With our children grown, it seems our precious moments together are to hectic full to get a family pic.

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