On the radio

I’ve been on leave for the last two weeks, so not preaching and my blog has been quiet.  But one thing that did happen during that time was International Women’s Day.  And in honour of that, I was asked to be the guest on a radio programme discussing “Feminism and the Bible.”

The podcast can be found here:  http://joy.org.au/spiritlounge/2016/03/international-womens-day-special-bible-women/

To give a bit of context, this was broadcast on a community radio station which is intentionally GLBTIQ friendly.  I realise that many Christians are uncomfortable with such a stance, but my point of view is that I will talk about the Bible with anyone, anywhere; and with a potential audience of over 300,000 listeners, a radio station such as this lets me be heard by far more people than would typically be in church to hear me preach on Sunday!

A format such as this is difficult, because time is limited and none of our discussion points had as much depth or breadth as I would have liked; but if nothing else I hope that listening to this discussion encourages people to explore further, and not to write off Christianity (and ultimately God) based on a stereotypical view of Christians.

One disappointment was that originally, I was not to be the only guest, but there was going to be a Rabbi (a woman) as well.  But sadly she was not available and we missed out on what she could have contributed to discussion of the Hebrew Scriptures.


4 comments on “On the radio

  1. Karen W says:

    Sounds like a great opportunity to witness for Jesus Christ to those who might not hear it elsewhere. At least you are able to plant a seed. May God bless you as you continue to serve him.

  2. Julie says:

    Just like Karen wrote – what a great opportunity! Good on you for sharing the Word is that environment.

  3. Thank you for joining us!

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