Genius, or madness?

So as Australia waits to see what gifts this last election has given us, I’ve been pondering political process, its strengths and weaknesses.

Today I had a bit of a brainwave.  What if, just as researchers are required to submit their proposed research to an ethics committee for approval, legislators were required to submit proposed legislation to an ethics committee before it could be introduced into parliament?

After all, isn’t legislation which governs the lives of all Australians more important than a PhD on some obscure topic which will mostly collect dust in some library’s stacks?

Of course, one could argue about the composition and the guidelines for such a committee.  But given that they function well in other spheres, it shouldn’t be that hard to do.

What do you think?


One comment on “Genius, or madness?

  1. Jnana Hodson says:

    Brilliant! I’m all for it.
    But I’ve also heard too many stories of legislators who were told the bills they were submitting were unconstitutional, only to reply, “What are you, a lawyer?” Do they really care about right and wrong — or just their most powerful backers?

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