An irreverent musing

I was reading a little bit on Jewish mysticism today (there is much wisdom there, even for a Christian, although it takes work to integrate it into another worldview).  And as I was reading on the idea that there is no place empty of God, I came across the line that “no single blade of grass is without an angel who strikes it and orders it to grow to its full height.”*

Is it impious that my reaction to this, was to wonder whether I could wander out to the backyard and tell the angels at work on the nettles to knock it off?

Am I supposed to transcend my judgmental approach to gardening and see the good even in nettles?  (I’m told it has remarkable medicinal properties, although I haven’t cared to find out first-hand).

Or am I supposed to read grass metaphorically and ponder that all flesh is like grass, and wonder what this might say about the role of a guardian angel?

I suspect this attempt to engage with ancient wisdom is only showing me that I am no mystic!



*From Zevi Hirsch Eichenstein’s book, Turn Aside From Evil and Do Good: An Introduction and a Way to the Tree of Life.




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