Moving God

This reflection was given during the daily Eucharist in the chapel of an Anglican convent.  The Scripture it references is Luke 12:1-7

“You are of more value than many sparrows.”

When I read over that to prepare for today, I found myself asking, what kind of value does he mean?  Is it an economic term, as if we’re talking about worth on the labour market?  Is it about sentimental value?  Is it something else?

What I found, when I looked it up, really surprised me.  The verb “to have value” here expresses the value or worth of something by saying literally that it causes someone or something to move.  If you were translating it extremely strictly, you might say something like, “You cause God to move more than many sparrows do.”

So we’re not just talking here about what God thinks of us, or how God feels about us, but about God moving on our behalf.  That’s the measure of our worth; that it spurs God into action.

You are of more value than many sparrows; so where is God moving in you today?  Where is God acting for you today?

Questions worth taking our time over, I think.


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