We’re not alone

I wrote this prayer today for a friend of mine who has a child with special needs; but I wanted to share it, because if there’s one thing struggling parents need to know, it’s that we’re not alone!

A mother’s Lenten prayer:

Lord, I know that Lent is traditionally a time
when people seek you in prayer,
in peace and solitude,
in fasting and sincere reflection.

I’m sorry, Lord, that I’m seeking you
in the toy clutter,
in the caffeine-fuelled routine,
and in the turmoil of meltdowns.

I know it doesn’t seem very respectful,
or pious, and I’m sure
some of my elders-and-betters at church,
think this is not how it should be.

But Lord, this is my life.
This is the fabric of my days,
this is where my heart is held,
this is where my hands are full.

All I can do, is lift it all
into your gracious presence;
knowing your goodness,
and ask you to be with me in it

and to hallow it all,
that I may keep a holy Lent,
that my loved ones may know your peace,
and that we may reach the Easter joy

of a new morning
(sanity intact).


One comment on “We’re not alone

  1. Vemac says:

    Love this prayer. It speaks to me, and I suspect to many, many people who try to combine their faith life with the daily intrusions to be dealt with. Suffice that God is with us in this, and perhaps if we can find 2 minutes to be with Him, the problems will find a solution. He said “trust me” – but sometimes we find it difficult.
    Thank you, and blessings.

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