About Me

I am a priest in the Anglican diocese of Melbourne.

Paidiske is the Koiné Greek* word for a female slave or servant.  Service is, for me, a touchstone of spirituality and the attitude which I hope will characterise my writing here. Of course it will be about topics which interest me, mostly reflections on matters of faith, but I hope useful and interesting to others as well.

Above all, I’d value conversation and exchange of ideas, so please do comment, criticise, and engage with me in my ramblings!

*The language of the New Testament and the early church.

What I believe:

I am an orthodox Anglican, which means I accept the Apostles’ and Nicene creeds as the rule of faith for understanding the truth of Scripture.  I assent to the 39 Articles of Religion.  Obviously, as an ordained woman, I accept the public ministry of women in the Church.


2 comments on “About Me

  1. Mikels Skele says:

    I liked some of your posts, and that’s why I followed you; I didn’t read your about page until now and didn’t know you were a priest. Thank you for following me as well. Fair warning: I am not a religious person and don’t find the arguments for God’s existence very convincing, and occasionally post things, even (dare I say?) humorous things, to that effect. I hope you don’t find my views too scandalous! I will not be offended if you change your mind about following me.

  2. paidiske says:

    I can definitely cope with humour, and even criticism.

    Ultimately, I don’t think faith in God is about being convinced by arguments. I’m happy to share dialogue with people of all faiths and none (and indeed I think that’s really important for a healthy society, and part of what I enjoy about the blogging community).

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